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Bruises, Cuts & Boo Boos

Not everyone can handle the Materials regular bandages are made of. There is nothing worse than having the bandage make the cut, scrape, bang ups WORSE. Here's what I've used to help sensitive skin heal without the added chemicals on the skin that cause reactions to many.

Other Amazingly helpful items

From wipes and bug bite relief these have Simplified Self Care for family, friends, clients, & practitioners.

Some Helpful Homeopathy

If use of CELL Salts, BACH Flower Essence or Homeopathic Remedies have been recommended here are photos of what they look like. For up to date information; detailed ingredients... click on the picture. It is a direct link. My initial experiences with all 3 of the remedy types came directly at different times as prescriptions from my families German MD Practitioners and Dentists. Back then I received prescriptions filled at the Apotheke. Even now- with the heated debate as to whether such remedies 'work' or not- our visits with our Integrative Dentist practice, Integrative Family Medical Doctor and Sports Medicine Doctor in Germany included the use of the various remedies right in the offices with suggested continued use at home. PS: At some point I will expand the on how exposure to a different paradigm of Medical Care; what was available as 'proven' treatments; prescription medications one country uses that another does not opened my eyes and changed my wellness forever.

Hylands Brand: Quick Dissolve

Boiron Brand: Hard Tiny Pellets

CELL Salts

BACH Remedies

This very BUSY Cold-Flu-Virus Season

This is what my family and I are supporting ourselves with daily this Season

This very BUSY Cold-Flu-Virus Season

This is what my family and I have on hand for the case we need additional support

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